All Melbourne removalists that exist start from the mind of their owner. Before that, they may have been working for a removalist company and wished to start a company of their own, or they might have been entrepreneurial and saw removalists as an industry that they believed they could be successful in, especially if there were a gap in the market where they lived.

For anyone reading who has had any thoughts about starting a removalist business, we will not insult your intelligence and say it is so easy you can get started tomorrow. However, if you do proper research, including market research, create a viable business plan and seek the advice of those best placed to assist you. A successful removalist business is what you can create. Here are ten tips we recommend you follow to help achieve that ambition.

Do Plenty Of Research

Our first tip is to conduct comprehensive research before making concrete plans to start a removalist business. What are the gaps in the market? Who is your competition? What opportunities exist for you to grab market share? What are the legalities of starting this business? The more you know, the easier it will be to get started.

Seek Professional Advice

The conclusions you have come to from your research should now take you towards seeking advice from those who can help you most. This list includes a commercial lawyer, a financial advisor, a business consultant, and your local removalists association, who will be happy to help a potential new member.

Establish What Financing You Will Require

Starting any business requires money, and at this stage, you should be assessing how much you think you will need to get started and, more importantly, the sources of that financing. This can include your own capital, investment from others, a business startup grant, or a business loan.

 Decide Upon Your Business Structure

Here, you need to decide what your business structure will be. You can operate as a sole trader, register your business as a limited company, or form a partnership. Each has pros and cons, so research them thoroughly before deciding.

Create A Viable Business Plan

Armed with your research and advice, it is now time to formulate your removalist business plan. Examples of what to include are a description of the business, market analysis, goals of the business, time scales for hitting those goals, services you will offer, and a financial plan.

Get All The Legalities Taken Care Of

A commercial lawyer will be the ideal professional to approach regarding the legalities of setting up your removalists. This will include your legal structure, insurance requirements, and local regulations and legislation that might be relevant.

Differentiate Yourself And Determine Your USP

One of the key ways you can boost the success of your removalist business is to set it apart from your competition. As such, we recommend you consider your unique selling proposition (USP), whereby you offer something that other removalists cannot.

Create A Marketing Strategy

You must market it to ensure local residents and businesses know you exist. This can be a combination of offline marketing, such as newspaper ads, and digital marketing, using social media or PPC ads on Google or Facebook.

Actively Seek Positive Reviews And Referrals

You must be proactive to bolster the number of inquiries and, ultimately, clients you gain. Specifically, this means asking every satisfied client to post a positive review or testimonial on sites like Trustpilot or Google. Ask them for referrals so they can recommend you to their family and friends.

Be Prepared For Hurdles And Setbacks

Here is where you turn potential negatives into positives by being prepared for possible hurdles that are inevitable for any new business. By being prepared, you can mitigate these setbacks so they do not hinder the progress of your business.