5 Winning Tactics For Family Lawyers During Business Contract Negotiations

One of the many skills which family lawyers have is being able to put across any point which supports their case effectively. Whether that be in writing or orally when in the Family Court, the ability to not only make an argument for something but to also win that argument is a huge factor in their success.

As such, you might think that it follows that all family lawyers are A-grade negotiators, and able to sell anyone on any point they are making at any time. That might apply to some family lawyers, and to others, but only when the point they are making relates to family law. When it comes to negotiating on matters they are less familiar with, such as business contracts, then there will be many family lawyers who are well outside their comfort zone.

Business negotiations are a completely different discipline from arguing a family law case, and whilst there might be some principles that apply to both, when it comes to the practicalities of doing each of them, there are several differences. So, we thought it would be useful for any family lawyers who wish to improve their business negotiation skills to highlight five top tactics which all professional business negotiators follow.