Why Identifying The Customer's Journey Is Vital For Your Landscaping Business

Why Identifying The Customer’s Journey Is Vital For Your Landscaping Business

Whilst Sydney landscapers may think of a map as it relates to a layout of a large, landscaped garden they are building, there is another kind of map they should be aware of. That is the map of the customer’s journey and what it identifies is the journey that a customer takes from their first inkling that they might want a landscaped garden, to the point where they are sitting in it.

The reason why landscaping business owners should be fully aware of this customer journey and the map that plots it is that it can allow them to enhance how their business operates at every stage. This ultimately helps make the customer journey a better one which leads to more sales and more satisfied clients. Let us look at these in more detail and what should be included in a landscaping business’s customer journey map.

Customer Journey Map Defined

We must stress that a customer journey map is not just conceptual but should be real and created using words, symbols and diagrams based on what is easiest for you and your team to follow. It will provide you with a better understanding of what the needs and wants of your customers are, what motivates them, and what may prevent them from taking action, such as agreeing to a sale.

A customer journey map will unlikely be a straight line because customers will not always go directly from point A to point Z in the sales process. Instead, they will go backwards, repeat steps, take detours, and jump forward some steps until they reach their final destination, which is to purchase what you are offering them.