As the internet grows, digital marketing is becoming increasingly competitive, with returns on investment slowly decreasing year after year. It’s therefore a good idea to leverage as many different tools as possible to help increase your chances of digital marketing success, otherwise you might find yourself spending a lot of money without seeing any results.

In my opinion, some of the most useful digital marketing tools that you can use come in the form of apps. Different apps are designed for different things – such as social media or email marketing – but some stand out above the pack as must haves.

You will find some of my favourite digital marketing apps below. Consider installing and learning how to use them to help you maximise your profits.

Facebook Ads Manager

If you run advertising campaigns on either Facebook or Instagram (or both), you should definitely be using the Facebook Ads Manager. It essentially allows you to stay on top of your campaigns from the comfort of your phone.

For example, it allows you to edit your advertising schedules, change your budgets, create new ads, and track your ongoing success. This is extremely useful for small business owners, especially for those who are always on the go.


Once you’ve started to build an online brand, you will probably begin to receive at least a little publicity. Not all this publicity will be positive, and it’s usually a good idea to keep track of what people are saying about you and your business.

This is where the Mention app comes into play. Basically, it will monitor things like social media networks, news sites, and blog posts, creating regular reports about your reputation and what’s being said about you. This can help you inform marketing and PR decisions.


Although Grammarly probably isn’t an app that you expected to find in a post about digital marketing, it’s actually one of my most important tools. If you send out emails, marketing posts, or ad campaigns with typos or spelling mistakes, your reputation will suffer.

Grammarly makes it easy to check your work before you hit the send button, and it will save you both time and money in the long run.


If you perform a lot of native social media marketing by posting content and engaging with your followers, then you should think about using an app like Buffer to help you manage everything from the comfort of one tidy dashboard.

Basically, Buffer allows you to link Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, letting you schedule posts and view in-depth performance statistics.

What are you waiting for? Get downloading!

If you’re not using any of the apps that I talked about in this article, then you’re probably doing a lot more work than you should be. Digital marketing is competitive enough already, and you should be looking for ways to streamline your workplace processes.

Every app on this list is useful, and I’d highly recommend looking into them and downloading at least a couple that are relevant to your needs. You won’t regret it!