Whenever business owners discuss the benefits of relocating their business to a new office with the help of office removalists, they will understandably focus on matters such as better access to their target market, sign installation and the business’s potential to expand. Quite rightly, too, as these are significant benefits that any company seeking to be successful would wish to have.

However, there are other less obvious benefits arising from moving to new business premises; one of these is that you can declutter your office completely. Decluttering is especially important for interstate office relocations. Depending on how long your business has been based in its current premises, there will almost certainly be useless items. These can include any of the following.

  • Discontinued Products
  • Out Of Date Products
  • Unsold Stock
  • Broken Furniture
  • Damaged Equipment
  • Irreparable Equipment
  • Archived Documents
  • Old Promotional Material

Whilst your business may have a general clean-up from time to time, a relocation presents a chance to eliminate all this junk and avoid you or your interstate removalists having to take it to your new premises. To make this more easily achievable, we have outlined five tips below, which we urge you to follow.

Complete An Inventory Of What You Have: This entire decluttering process starts by inventorying everything you have within your office or business premises. This is any of the items listed above, plus anything else accumulated. In other words, unless it is nailed down, and if your business owns it, it goes on the list.

Determine What You Are Taking To Your New Office: As part of planning and preparations for your new office, you must evaluate what you will need there. This may include new equipment and furniture but will undoubtedly include items you currently have. Identify these so that when it comes to your removalists calculating the cost of your move, you are only paying for what is being moved, not everything you currently have.

Decide What Junk Is And What Is Not: For all the items you have decided are not coming with you, you now have to make a further determination. That is deciding what is junk and thus should be thrown away and what might be unwanted by you but could be helpful to someone else. Valuable items could be excess products or unwanted office equipment that still works. The former could include old point-of-sale materials, discarded packaging, and broken furniture.

Sell What Worth Selling Or Donating To Charity: You have options for the office equipment, furniture and stock that could still be used by someone and which you do not wish to throw away is. To help ease the cost of your relocation, you could sell them to second-hand shops on eBay or have an open day where people can look at what you have and make you an offer. Alternatively, you could donate the proceeds or these items to charity.

Designate Your New Office To Be A Clutter Exclusion Zone: Our final tip is one you will thank us for to prevent your new office from becoming cluttered by setting a new standard when you arrive. Tell staff that their new surroundings must remain clutter-free and that anything past its usefulness should be removed immediately.